positive irish dancing


The Podium – Making it Positive

One of the NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) tools that I always teach Irish Dancers, on both one to ones or in a workshop group setting, is how to visualize themselves on the podium. I also use the 'on the podium' opportunity to teach Dancers how to ANCHOR their...

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Why do this if you don’t dance?

I am often asked "Denise, you are not an Irish Dancer, so why did you become involved in coaching Irish Dancers?" The answer is, because I really enjoy it. I love connecting with Dancers and I can intuitively sense straight away if a Dancer is dancing because she/he...

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NLP, CBT and Positive Psychology

NLP, CBT & Positive Psychology for Dancers    I use the teachings of NLP, CBT and Positive Pyschology in all my Positive Dancing Workshops, One to One Positive Coaching session and Skype Coaching sessions. I am a qualified NLP Master Practitioner, a certified Life...

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