I am often asked “Denise, you are not an Irish Dancer, so why did you become involved in coaching Irish Dancers?”

The answer is, because I really enjoy it. I love connecting with Dancers and I can intuitively sense straight away if a Dancer is dancing because she/he LOVES to dance or if they are fulflling someone else’s dream. Those who LOVE to dance, they dance with their body, mind and soul, those are the Dancers who are determined to learn, not only all the steps, the dances and practise, practise, practise, but they are willing to go that exta mile and work on their positive mindset too.

And it’s not all about the mind, it’s as much, if not more, to do with the heartfelt attuitde. There has to be feelings, emotions, mostlly a deep LOVE for why they continue to dance. It has to outweigh everything else. Of course school runs parrell and resilient Dancers learn very quickly how to become so effective at the juggling of homework, exams, practise, injuries and competitions, and it all merges into one! Other sports and social life outside the dancing community come second in line when Irish Dancers are committed to making their passion and love of dancing their top prioiroty and those who do are the ones who excel in this sport.

Througout my years working with Irish Dancers, those who come to me for one to one help and support, do so for many diferent reason. To beging with, it is usually  an Irish Dancing teacher or parent who gets in touch beacuse they feel that particular Dancer is nervous, anxious and their confidence has been knocked. Or a Dance School may feel a Positive Dancing Workshop will inspire and motivate their students, and it always does.

I can sense those who are anxious, scared or nervous, even though they pretend eveything is fine and through the coaching process we get to botton of why they are feeling this way. Then we look at ways of reframing the issue and turning it into a positive, this way the Dancers can rise about any insecurities that has them stuck and hindering them from being the best they can be.

In other cases an Irish Dancer may be winning, yet they want to remain at the top, so they come to me for tools and techniques on how to positively maintain their high standard of dancing and continue to be the very best they can be.

A few years ago I felt conflicted working with irish Dancers, as I was teaching these positive mindset and heartfelt tools and technques to Dancers from different Dance Schools who were competing in the same categotories in Championships and The Worlds. I would give them both the exact same tools and of course the same homework exercises and one was to visualise themselves standing on the podium as a Champion. Somehow this felt disloyal, I would get to know and really bond with these Dancers, yet I was giving them all the tools and techniques for the same reason, to go for the same goals. It felt uncomfortable.

Yet after talking this over with an very proficient and professional Irish Dancing Teacher, I was reassured that this is commom for Irish Dancing teachers too. They might have a few or many in one class who are going for the same dreams and goals, yet they have to teach the dances and the rest is up to the Dancer to apply what they have been taught. This was great advice and after really sitting with this, I know that I teach the positive mindset tools and techniques, so it is up up to each individual Dancer to apply them and I wish them all the very best. 

If you, your daughter/son, or one of you Dancers is in need of some assistance to help their self esteem or confidence on stage, or the just want a positivity boost, then please do contact me, Give me a call, fill in the contact form or contact me through my FB mesenger (see the icon below). 

To find out what other Irish Dancers and Teachers say about my Positive Dancing Coaching and Workshops, then please have a read at the 5 Star Reviews on the Testimonial page.  

Best wishes and positive vibes on your Irish Dancing journey,


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