One of the NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) tools that I always teach Irish Dancers, on both one to ones or in a workshop group setting, is how to visualize themselves on the podium. I also use the ‘on the podium’ opportunity to teach Dancers how to ANCHOR their favourite Irish Dancing memory.

To anchor a positive memory/experience you have to focus on your senses. Sit with your finger and thumb gently touching and recall….

What did you……

1. See   2. Hear   3. Smell   4. Taste   5. How did you feel?

Really focus and try to picture in your mind’s eye, this positive memory, and go through all of the above senses twice. Then, peak into the memory as if you are actually there and press your finger and thumb together. This action ANCHORS the positive memory so that when you press your finger and thumb together, you get these good feelings, because your brain actually thinks that you are there. You can use this anchor at any time you are nervous, anxious, stressed or you just want to change your mood into a more positive/happy/calm state.

This is an example, of what I would say to a World Champion Irish Dancer, in a one to one Positive Dancing Coaching session. The Dancer’s positive memory was winining The Worlds. This anchor technique can be used for any Fèis or Championship that the Dancer has excelled at. Or if the Dancer has not yet been up on the podium, they can remember their best dance ever and the wonderful memories associated with it.

Denise  ‘Sit comfortably, close your eyes and tell me, ……that magical day when you first received The Worlds title……”What did you see?”‘ 

Dancer – “I was on the podium and I could see the bright lights and everyone clapping and cheering. My mum and my grannty were crying and my Dancing Teachers were hugging each other and squealing.”


Denise “What did you hear?”

Dancer – “I could the hear the music and everyone clapping and cheering and calling my name.”


Denise “What did you smell?”

Dancer “I could smell the fake tan and the hair spary.”


Denise “What did you taste?”

Dancer “I could taste polo mints, I had been eating one when my name was called out.”


Denise “How did you feel?

Dancer “I felt absolutely amazing, wonderful, so proud, excited and happy. It was my dream to be World Champion, my dream had come true.”

Once I ask the Dancer to go over this again a few times. I then get them to peck into the memory and squeeze their finger and thumb together. This creates an anchor and can be usesd again and again. It is particularly good at the side of the stage to assist with nervousness before being called to dance. Once the Dancer fires up the anchor, the wondeful, happy, excited, proud feelings rise in the body and the brian, thus the Dancer goes out on stage, in this peack state and dances their very best.

A Dance Teacher said one “You always know the ones who have had a one to one with Denise or attended one of her workshops, as they will be standing at the side of the stage pressing their finger and thumb together, recalling that positive memory by their touch.”

So is the power of the ANCHOR. 🙂 

Anchors can be done alone but are much more effective when a NLP Master Practitioner or Coach is guiding you along the way and assisting you to each this peak state.

If you would like a 15 minute complimentary session to discuss what you might like to use as your anchor, get in touch by giving me a call, using the contact form or message me in the Positive Dancing FB page. 

Best wishes and positive vibes on your Irish Dancing journey,



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